Lec - to the center of digital assetsLEC-YBC

LEC-unique out-of-center digital assets. Based on the Bitcoin de-centralization block chain technology, the unique dynamic annual interest rate for standard issuance totaled 30 million, the higher the interest rate the higher the equity allocation. In the wallet built-in expansion system, music coins will be the most scalable wallet. Mainly committed to the development of the Levin as the center to the center of the virtual currency exchange center applications

Lec - to the center of digital assets

Ultra-low total distribution design

30 million

LEC- the initial release of a total of 30 million, to centralize the digital assets of the Loi. After the release of the total can not be issued by any person and unit - that is, to the center of the charm of digital assets

Keeping up with the technological frontier?POSV3 protocol is normalAdded POSV3 protocol

Keeping up with the technological frontier, keeping innovation strength
Unique bank-class dynamic interest rate imitation wallet, the higher the proof of interest, the higher the annual interest rate. The POSV3 protocol is secure and faster.

Different devices, the same wonderful

Many cross-platform wallet management

Covering the whole platform more convenient and efficient use of your personal exclusive digital assets of the LEC


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